Amazing Network Problem.


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Hey all, i found this site by mistake, because i was searching for a windows 7 network solution.
Okay, here's my problem.

When i installed the windows, i had no errors, nothing whatsoever. But when i tried to go on the internet 1st it gave me error that i am in Unidentified network, and i could see my step brothers PC on the network, and could go in that drive, copy/paste etc.. but i couldn't access internet. I am constantly getting error with "Wrong IP Configuration."

I got no idea why i am getting this. in IPv4 properties i chose "Assign IPs by default" (or sth like that)

my network submask is,
and it assigns me submask of , and i dont know why :confused:

anyways here's the screenshot:

I would appreciate help with this.. Cuz i tried EVERY possible things i know about..
Not sure about /flush or /renew in cmd, but i will try that today too..



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My initial very small offering. I usually let the OS do all the work for me, I alter nothing in the install stages, but, in the IP4 properties, you should normally have, selected, "Obtain an IP address automatically"

You could rerun the setup a new connection showing in the lower window for your particular adapter (Wireless or?), but accept the defaults. It does appear, at first glance, that you have only setup your lan so far.

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Yes.. I think i set up LAN only, but. I cant set up the new connection cuz it will ask me a Username and password from my ISP, and i dont think i would need a Username and password to connect to the network, would i ?


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For your internet connection, your ISP needs to identify you. Nothing comes free - lol. You must have one, if you are the leaser of the ISP connection.


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why would ISP identify me ?


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They need to know who pays the bill!!!


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Also they need to be sure someone else isn't trying to get in through your account.


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I already tried of setting up a new connection and putting my ISPs uername and password, and in the end, all i got is a message saying your Dial-Up connection cant be activated at this time.. I am paying money for adsl 1.5Mb connection, and not dial up, so i got no idea whats up with that..


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these are the settings i use..

And umm, i set up a connection, it asked me for my ISP name and password, and when i tried to connect it gave me that error..

I dont know whats going on.. If i cant fix it within 30 minutes, i am going back to XP guys.. I love windows 7 so much, but i cant live without internet so i have to go back ;(

How much memory is in your system. I have two Windows 7 RTM machines. When I have 3GB of memory in them they work fine. When I put 4GB in either system my network cards fail to function.

network issue

Win8, it sounds to me like your issue lies with your network setup and not your OS? Can you answer these so maybe I can help? Windows is giving you an APIPA IP address cos it's unable to connect to the network (LAN).

Who is your ISP
Do you have a wireless router or modem/router
Is the computer connecting wirelessly or cabled? (looks like cabled from pic)
Desktop or Laptop

Leave all network settings as default ok? Check your LAN card drivers are installed via device manager too if you haven't done so. There's loads of things that could be wrong here so answer as best you can and we should get you sorted :)

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