amd 9250 vid card running under win7 64bit?


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Hi all,

Running win7 64bit. I have an amd 9250 video card. The amd site only has win2k/xp (32bit) drivers for that card. I don't suppose there's any way to get that card working in win7?

I don't need it for gaming. I just need it for the desktop to run a 3rd monitor. The other two monitors are plugged into an nvidia 9600gt card (which is working fine).


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How come ati doesn't have them on their site? Anyhow - this came just a little bit too late. I just finished boxing up the card to return. I almost want to open it up again just to see if it works :) But thanks anyway for sending me the link.


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The card's a legacy card with minimal support. The only card's now properly supported are the HD2xxx - 6xxx.