AMD data change ... update new data to DMI

So I have installed Windows 7 on my computer and it takes me all the way to the desktop. Then when I go to boot from the hard drive I get "AMD data change....update new data to DMI." What does this mean and what are my options for fixing it so that I can properly run windows on my computer.

My computer is a new custim built.
MB is a Gigabyte MA785GMT-Ud2H
Processor: AMD Phenon II x2 550 Black
Hard Drive: 250 MGT
Trying to Run Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

Thanks for any help


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Have you been asked during boot to go to the Bios setup? Many times when changes are made you system just wants you to go to the setup so it can reset some things.

Some Bioses have a setting to update or not update the DMI ( do not remeber if this is the correct term). You might check if your's does and let it update, at least once.

No it hasn't asked me to enter the BIOS. And where would I find this update in the BIOS because I have looked for it but can not find it. Maybe my MB doesn't have this update.

AMD DATA CHANGE...UPDATE NEW DATA TO DMI !!Wo'nt start without the cd.?!?!?!?

i've recently installed Win7...looks great runs great...YESS!! The next day i started my computer andall i see is this
" AMD DATA CHANGE...UPDATE NEW DATA TO DMI" !! It would'nt go any further then this...!! it kept doing this..until i decided to reinstall Win7...!! After a few trials and errors..i realized that Win7 couldnt operate without the Win7 cd!!! Meaning that every time i wanted to use my computer, i would have to pop in the Win7 disk. Anyone have any answers or suggestions..???!!!???

hey scott..have yiou fixed your problem yet..??? i had the same problem...until i luckily realized that my win7 wouldnt start without the win7 disk...!!! if you have fixed it ..please let me know how to fix it..!!


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Threads merged as requested..:)


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This is Scott's thread so that's what I am going on.

@Arijon, you are welcome to follow and contribute, but your issue with booting only with the DVD installed is a different issue, and requires it's own thread. The boot order does not matter, as long as the boot drive is in the list.

@Scott - it seems others are having this issue too, but "appears" to be easy to fix. Watch carefully during the boot process for the prompt to enter the BIOS Setup Menu. Typically, you must press the Del, F1 or F2 key, depending on who makes the BIOS. Once there, simply make sure the date and time are correct and your drives are properly identified. Then, and this is the important part, you must make sure you "Save and Exit". If you don't Save, then you will get the AMD message again.

For some folks, they needed to reset the BIOS, but try the above first.

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