Windows 7 AMD Display Driver Crashing


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My old computers motherboard literally got roasted due to a faulty fan that wasn't working and laziness on my part for not maintaining it. So I got a new computer aaaaand it doesn't work. Story of my freaking life. What happens is whenever I play a game around 30 seconds to a minute it will freeze but I can still hear sound, I am SOMETIMES able to ctrl+alt+del my way out and when I do a message pops up in the bottom right corner saying "AMD display driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered". I've been tinkering with my computer for a week now and am at a loss and recently videos like on Youtube have all of a sudden started generating this error which they haven't before. Now games such as League of Legends, Mount and Blade: Warband, Minecraft, Wargame: European Escalation, and basically any other strategy based game works absolutely fine. WHAT THE F!@# IS UP WITH THAT?! I really need help because I am a very passionate gamer and I'm not willing to spend more money to have it looked at and possibly told to restart again. Also, I'm not the greatest with really technical stuff such as BIOS but I do know my way around a computer so bear with me.


- Andy