Windows 7 AMD GPU/Intel Laptops

Omar Khaled

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just a simple question, is the Dynamic Switchable Graphics associated with AMD/Intel Laptops flawed? other than the OpenGL thingy ofc.

I Played Mass Effect 3 on Max Settings, it runs just fine, but normally when my laptop heats up due to gaming, the game starts startling around, I can hear 1-3 seconds static through my speakers at the same time where there is a slight lag, then it turns back to normal, strangely, it happens with Mass Effect 1, NOT with Mass Effect 2, NOT with Hitman Absolution, and NOT with Black Ops 2!

Something might be not be set right, I may have posted several times considering the Switchable Graphics issue, I apologize and feel free to move the thread.

Note: I can not set my laptop to fixed mode, thanks to the "brilliant minds" of HP, they allow switching to fixed only on dv6/dv7 and ENVY laptops through BIOS update.

HP g6 2071 | Intel Core i7 | AMD 7670M + Intel HD 4000 | 4 GB RAM DDR3
If the performance is randomly decreasing when it gets hot you may want to consider check the heat sink for dust. Try blowing some compressed air in there from a cold boot. If a lot of dust comes out, that should be the culprit. You should of course check for the latest switchable drivers from the HP site (standalone amd/intel won't work).