AMD Lawyer Who Led Fight Against Intel to Retire

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    AMD Lawyer Who Led Fight Against Intel to Retire

    In Silicon Valley’s best-known David-and-Goliath story, Thomas McCoy was the guy who slung the stone. The general counsel of Advanced Micro Devices didn’t topple mighty Intel, but his impact was at least felt in the chip giant’s pocketbook. McCoy, 59, said Wednesday that he is retiring from AMD, about six months after forging an antitrust settlement with Intel that included a $1.25 billion payment to AMD. In recognition of his success in the litigation and other accomplishments, AMD announced it will provide McCoy a $4 million bonus as part of his exit package. I think I'd retire too if I was 59 and just got paid a $4 million bonus check! Hate to see the taxes on that one!


    McCoy, who expects to engage in other entrepreneurial activities after AMD, was such a high-profile figure at AMD that some outside observers have wondered whether the company on his departure might move its official headquarters from Sunnyvale–where he kept his office–to Austin, Texas, where AMD’s CEO and other top executives reside. McCoy argues that headquarters locations are an anachronistic concept in the time of global business–but insists that AMD’s ties to the high-tech hub are “primal” and will never be broken. “AMD is one of the companies that put silicon into Silicon Valley,” he says.

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