AMD releases Fusion for Gaming utility

Discussion in 'Software Updates' started by kemical, Sep 19, 2008.

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    AMD have released a little utility (as well as a big marketing campaign) called 'Fusion'. Originally this was supposed to be about the joining of a CPU and GPU but seems to have changed slightly. More on this is here:
    AMD releases Fusion for Gaming utility | News | Custom PC

    I tried the software, which once pressed makes a wooshing sound and then attempts to stop apps running in the background whilst you run a game. (that is just one of the default profiles, two more go on to add grphics overclocking and other tweaks). This only works on AMD hardware....
    Anyway as I said I thought I'd try at least the low setting and it promptly locked up the machine! Tried once more with the same result but third time was the key. Using taskmanager I could see that it definately worked but then the games wouldn't start... At this point I gave up and should add that the app is still very much in a beta stage.. (at least for me)

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