Windows 7 AMD64x2 Dual Channel RAM DDR400 - And SB X-Fi Xtreme Music PCI - 4GB Pops/Crackles


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AMD 64x2 3800+ 64-bit Win7 (Activated) 4gig Dual Channel DDR 400

I have a old nforce 4 amd/sli Gigabyte K8N-Pro-SLI motherboard... using the latest BIOS that works (F9) dated in 2006... (F10) dated 2008, the board will not post) -- (and of course the latest motherboard drivers are not install, since none are available) and the vista 64bit ones causes blue screens with win7, even installing them w/ vista compatability.

*Using Control-F1, in the BIOS of this mother board gives you advanced chipset features... (one of the options is to "enable" H/W Remap Memory Hole (4GB) Support*

as soon as this is enabled... just this 1 and only feature on this motherboard for anything over 2gb...

The memory reads 4gb fine posting, bios see's it, windows 7 boots fine, windows 7 recognizes 4gb ddr400...

however the problem seems to be unsolved since Windows XP 64bit... Doesnt Work in Vista x86 or x64bit

(this has been a known issues, many are having this issue with their creative x-fi sound cards, using 4gb ram option enabled on the bios... here's the kicker... the lastest working BIOS was done in 2006, its obvious Gigabyte will not post a new updated bios for windows 7, expecially if they didnt post one for windows Vista... or XP 64bit for 4g support...

the second 4gig of ram is active, when windows 64bit/windows vista 32bit or 64bit/ or windows 7 x64 bit LOADS... you hear hisses, popping/crackling noises from the x-fi xtreme music PCI (not PCI-E)

using vista x64bit drivers latest from the website 2.18.008 or sumthing like that..

What I would like to know, am I just stuck with 2gig ram ... unless I buy a new motherboard/ram/cpu?

gigabyte wont be updating their bios, and creative knows of this issue with amd nforce 4 boards w/ dual channel ram.... and creative hasnt dont anything to fix it either...

Is there hope for me in Windows 7? using this hardware setup with 4gig of ram?