analog - DVD driver issue

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    analog - DVI driver issue

    I pulled my hair out (what I have left) trying to figure this out. I could not install windows 7 on my PC. I would end up with a black screen.

    I have an NVIDIA 8800GS vid card. The card has 2 DVI ports on it. I use a KVM switch on my computers that only supports Analog so I use a DVI-Analog adapter. Works great in Vista and XP.

    After a lot of playing I figured out that I had to plug a monitor with a DVI port into my PC for the install. I had to make sure that the DVI-Analog adapter was disconnected.

    Once I got Windows 7 installed I was able to load some "older" Vista drivers to get it to work. I now have a working Windows 7 configuration. The problem is, I can't update my vid drivers. The later Vista drivers are for both Vista and Windows 7. If I install them I have to dig out the other monitor to downgrade the drivers.

    Anyone else seeing this? Is there a solution? I'm not really into buying another KVM switch that supports DVI just so I can upgrade the video drivers on one out of 3 computers.
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