Annoying Alert sound every few seconds!

For some reason, I am getting an annoying ALERT sound every few seconds without any popups or anything to explain why.

What is it?

I tried to look up a Fault Log to see what program might be triggering the sound but I can't find a Fault Log in Windows 7. I am using the full retail release of Windows 7 Ultimate. Purchased with cold hard cash. :)

Any idea how to get rid of the sound? Or find out what is causing it?


goto control panel/sounds/click "sounds" tab/choose from drop down menu "no sounds". Which will let you hear all other sounds music, dvd etc

Thanks, I thought of that but I want to hear sounds for "real" alerts and such. I am mostly concerned what the sound is - what is causing it.


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Do you know what alert type sound it is? Does anything else you do make the same sound? You see no flashing icons on the taskbar?

Do you have any alerts set you know of? Maybe Outlook or some type of timer. Do they happen when any specific programs are running, or none at all?

You might try watching Task Manger to see what pops to the top when the alert happens. Make sure and have it set for the highest activity to go to the top.

can be anything really, Im thinking of;
1.check battery if laptop, disconnect reconnect, check charge
2.check action center, any software waiting attention ctrl/alt/del to see what is running in back ground.Kill services you suspect to pinpoint which service causing. you have sound alert able anti virus prog like avast


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I have noticed that in Ease of Access, there are also sounds associated with certain key presses.

I am also experiencing this annoying issue. In my case, it is the same sound that is played when I get a message via gtalk when I have my gmail open, NOT a sound in the C:/windows/media folder. Could you pin-point what sound you are hearing?

Obviously, I wouldn't be posting here if the source of the sound was gtalk or even firefox. I've killed every process except the most basic system processes and it still happens. Since it isn't a system sound (at least not one you can set in control panel) I am suspecting a virus or that someone else is logged into my computer and I am getting their gtalk alert sounds. Very troubling!

Well, it seems that in my case, it was someone else logging into my computer and using gtalk! Specifically, my girlfriend had logged in as a guest and left her gmail open. She then switched users back to my account and left. Later, she got on gmail on her laptop and began chatting. Her gtalk alert sounds started bleeding over from the guest account. Of course, that creates a whole new issue of why are sounds bleeding accross accounts?

I have also been getting alert sounds without any notification message. They occur randomly, several times a day, sometimes more often than others. I have Trend Micro anti-virus which gives me an alert window when it detects something, not an alert sound. I have windows live, but I disable and exit it and still get the alert sounds. I am running the default windows system sounds. I have attempted to identify the alert sound, but have not been able to. It sounds something like the "device connect" and "device disconnect" sounds. Is there any place where I can enable a log to be able to find out what the alerts are trying to get me to notice?

The sound I receive mimics the same that my iPhone makes when I get a text message. I see nothing in the alert tray, emails or facebook.

I went with all the default settings when installing Windows 10 on my HP laptop with touch screen.

Any ideas what the alert tone is for?

Is there a list of the various alert tones and what they represent (point me towards the control panel, settings?)?

Thanks. I'm sure this is a rookie question, but I'd still like the answer.

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