Annoying Audio Problem (Only Windows 7)

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    Annoying Audio Problem in Only Windows 7

    MSI 870A-G54/Phenom II X4 955/Team Elite 2x2 GB DDR3 1333MHz/Sapphire Pure 625W/Samsung HD502HJ/Logitech G500 USB Mouse/X7 G800MU PS/2 Keyboard/Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit 6.1 7600

    I wrote too long, I hope someone will read it and help me.

    Ok. I've tried eveything that i could think before posting here by my bad English, so i guess some more people may have the same problem (maybe the same situation but they don't see it as a problem) and help me. I can't solve it, i mean what may the problem be?

    Problem is; While i am installing a new program,game,driver vs.. during wmp or any other media player is playing music, the audio is crackling, sizzling, corrupting, crashing, stuttering, (whatever the right word is anyway) for just 1 second. After that everyting is normal and fine. Only when i install something on pc.

    This is annoying because i listen to music too loudly. I want to find the reason and solve this problem.

    Windows is up to date and has been scanned for potential viruses, drivers are too, tried different drivers, after even a fresh windows install, i have this problem everytime. ı added large pictures for you to get my problem easily.

    Normally while i don't install anything, everything is just fine;


    But while i am installing something here is the problem and proof;


    You want to try on your computer and help me about it? Here is whenever i do and get this annoying sound crash;

    -Play your favourite music
    -Go to 'Device Manager'
    -Right click on 'PC Name' or anything else
    -Click 'Scan For Hardware Changes'

    When i do this every time, no exception, i get the sound crash on the playing music;


    XP doesn't have the same problem, so i guess there is something wrong about win7 and my onboard audio.

    My motherboard:
    Local Seller that i bought Win7: Removed link
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