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Is there a way to disable MS help and Support in 7? I use some mutli track recoding software and every time I try to pull up a plug-in, A help and support window pops up asking if I need help with this program. It is very annoying. In Xp I could just go into Admin Tools/ Services, and disable it in the list. However, it is no longer in the list of services in Win 7. I couldn't even find it in the Services msconfig utility. Please, help!!


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Have you tried just closing it and move on to the installation?

It shouldn't' pop up if the installation installs correctly

The Program has install correctly and works great. It is only when I open a new window within the program that the "Help and Support" window Pops up with a topic of "Why can't I get help from this program?" I never requested help, but something is triggering it. It used to happen in XP, but I simply disabled the service in the admin tools. It is no longer in the list for me to disable it.


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Are you referring o the Help file within the program, or Start Help and Support?

No, it's from just opening a plug-in window from within the program itself, completely unrelated to a help request. I have found the fix .

Windows Help Program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x86 - Komeil Bahmanpour

Basically, since the program I am running is 32bit and for some reason the action I was performing was triggering a winhlp response. Winhelp32 is no longer on windows 7 (nor vista) since it is an old 32bit software file. So I had to install winhlp32 to get the damn thing to stop trying to help me figure out why I wasn't getting the help I never requested! In windows defence, at least the answer (link) to install winhlp32 was included in the pop-up. I thought that would just change the pop-up to actual help topics which I wasn't requesting in the first place.

Once you realize what's going on, you will see that by installing the file it thinks you're looking for, it will behave correctly.


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Excellent troubleshooting!!

I'm glad it's working now.

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