-Annoying Microphone latency..

-Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this issue has been posted before, but i didn't find anything related.. or that could help.

I have a dc7800 HP computer, it has intel integrated audio device. Everytime i plug my bass on the mic input there is a latency for about half a second.. i though it could be the audio chip, damaged or something, line in does exactly the same, so i installed Windows xp on another partition, just to check if it was the same thing, but it's working nice no latency, no delay..

I have the Windows 7 HD audio driver that comes by default with the installation, and not because i want it, i've tried to remove it, but installs itself everytime i reboot, over any other i've tried to install.. I tried disabling this from:

gpedit.msc > Computer configuration > Administrative templates > System > Driver installation > Turn off windows update (only avoids to get the driver from windows update)

and also from

" " System > Device installation > Device installation restriction > Prevent installation from devices not described by other policy (no luck)

Last time, downloaded the latest driver from realtek, the largest file, (because i read Realtek sound manager could probably fix this) but after the installation, asked me to reboot and windows started with no sound. Realtek folder is in Program Files folder :confused:

Tried installing it again.. same thing. I decided to let default driver and let Windows XP on the other partition by now, but it's frustrating to reboot everytime i need to record my bass and monitor at the same time.. my amp doesn't work by the moment, and i love windows 7.

I was just wondering, as i read the Larry Osterman's blog, about all the "great features and new techonologies in audio performace", that if somehow the speech recognition, or any hidden enhacement is doing this.. I've been reading this the whole week, and i read something about a girl that says her voice sounds "A little bit clearer than windows xp" and i noticed a little noise in XP dissapears everytime i play a note.. i don't think is my bass (active bass = low noise), or the cable (short one, BTW) so i plugged a microphone. Still the same. Noise seems to decrease everytime i speak (you can almost notice it if you pay attention) and this doesn't happen indeed in windows 7. You can listen everything clear.. half second later.

Last thing i've tried, was a video capture USB dongle (lol, i just had to) with a $4 cable from radioshack rc jacks to 3.5 with an adapter.. SAME THING!.. found my webcam has a microphone integrated.. SAME THING!!

This is so frustrating, i hope anyone can have a good idea, i swear i'll try anything. Thanks.

Hi, in two Windows 7 I have, in both I could get rid of the problem by doing the following (found this online). Please read until the end before doing anything. On the "sound" dialog from Control Panel, go to "Recording", and there edit the Microphone properties; in "Listen", remove the check from the "Listen to this device" option. This of course makes your mike stop working. Now, in my case (and this is where it might not be the same), there is another entry in the control panel for the audio driver. This dialog has a volume control for the microphone, that was muted: raising the volume in here made the mike work without the lag.

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[lang=pt]thanks man, with me it really works.[/lang]

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