Annoying Problem After Fresh Install


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Hi, new to this forum, looks interesting and looks like it might be a place to visit.

My fresh install - Win 7 x 64 (after buying new SSD) which has been working well for a few years seems to be playing me up a bit. I wonder if anyone here has some knowledge that they could share so I can sleep at night.

The situation occured after putting in the new SSD - I had to move all of my program set up files for various programs and games etc. off the old 1TB "C" drive and onto the "D" Drive.

I also now make sure anything downloaded from sites is downloaded to D/E rather than C to ensure I keep enough space on the SSD.

Now, when I try to run any software that needs to be installed - (normally if the program isn't too large) to C - the installer crashes. "NSIS ERROR - ERROR WRITING TO TEMPORARY MAKE SURE YOUR TEMP FOLDER IS VALID"

This normally occurs when I try to install from D to C, I have cleared the browser cache and done the usual other so called fixes of adding a temp file here and there and nothing works.

All of the install files are fine, because if I copy the install file to the C drive, they will install without a problem, but the very same file will not install across different drives. Could it be some sort of permissions related thing?

I have taken ownership of everything that I can but there is no way to get this to run normally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.