Annoying triple click issue

If I have a window or application in the foreground and want to open a folder that is on the desktop (or in another folder) I have to triple click it to open it. Double clicking only selects the folder or file.

For instance, if I have the My Computer window open and I want to open a folder or file that is on my desktop, I have to click once on the desktop to "unfocus" the My Computer window, then double click on the folder or file I want to open. It's very annoying.

I see that others are having the same problem here:
Problem with double-clik on desktop icon, must triple-click
but there was no resolution.


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Sorry no solution,. but.............

That's very strange,. Is double-click checked in Folder options?

That's the first tome I ever heard of it

In Folder option,. try choosing use checkboxes to select items and see what happens

What happen when you click on a link,. say as in IE8

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There is a fix. It took me a few hours of screwing around with Aero settings but I found the culprit.


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Could you share that with us to help people with similar problems?

Thank you

I already did post the fix, but not on this forum. It took the mod of this forum almost 5 days to approve my first post so I gave up trying to post here.


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Appears the OP has some other problems since the first post was only two days ago and you, reghakr, answered the same day. But it is always good when the person with the problem finds the fix themselves.--oh well...

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