Annoying voice after clearing cache


I can't find this as I dunno how to explain it for googling.... unless I get irrelevant answers!

When I clear my browser (IE9) cache, cookies etc, whether via ccleaner or the delete browsing history general tab, I get an annoying voice telling me "how to clear cache, then cookies etc" whenever I open a new window or most new tabs for a sometime afterwards, eventually it stops occuring, obviously fed up with me hitting the mute button!!!!!!

I've checked the audio settings in the ease of access center in control panel, all off & ok, the voice is different anyway.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I run google toolbar, have installed but never used google talk (now it will not let me uninstall it - but that's for another post!! lol) but whether thats relevant?

Have run a deep & thorough / all areas of Kaspersky, spybot, ad-aware, nothing found!



Well Mike,

Without wishing to tempt fate..... but, disabling google toolbar completely has seemingly done the trick. Ahhhh silence!

Thanks alot fella much appreciated :thumbs_up:.

Fingers x'd it still quiet tommorow....


Dan :)


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I would go further and delete the Google Toolbar. You can set Google as your default search engine without using the Google Toolbar. This just consumes more valuable resources.


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When the day comes that toolbars can make you coffee, I'll install one.

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