another audio issue

network lag issue

Alright, I had posted saying that I solved this problem, but it looks like I haven't.

New install of Windows 7 64-bit, 2.66Ghz Quad Core, GeForce 250 GTS 1GB, Creative Labs SB Audigy SE, an nForce 680i MoBo, and either 4GB or 8GB of RAM (I took 4 of it out because I had had other RAM issues, but it looks like this isn't related to that).

I updated to Windows 7, then updated my Bios because I was having RAM issues with Flash videos. After these updates I started noticing audio lag/skipping in Flash videos which would also slow down videos and cause my cursor to skip around. This only happens on websites like Hulu that use high-quality live streaming, but NOT sites like Megavideo which use the buffering system. There's no audio hang-ups in Winamp, and only minor skipping in iTunes, usually if there's a lot of network activity (if I'm downloading at really high rates or loading a ton of images) it will get REALLY bad, but it seems to be skipping every so often no matter what.

I'm pretty sure I've already updated all drivers for Windows 7 (for the mobo network adapter, for the video card, for the sound card) and I updated Flash. I already tried turning off audio enhancements. The only thing that's had any effect is changing the sample rate of the audio to the highest studio quality (96000 Hz). Last night Hulu videos would play and only skip about every 30 seconds, but now it's back to happening every few seconds.

I know, I don't need to watch with Hulu, but this issue didn't exist with Windows Vista, so I'm hoping it's a problem with that. I had also been experimenting with RAM voltages because I was having other problems, but so far I haven't heard of altering RAM voltages causing the sticks of RAM to become a little faulty in only certain circumstances. I thought this was all because of that, but the RAM voltages are now back to normal and it's still a problem.

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Okay, I was just downloading a file in Firefox at a speed of 650kb/s, and a SYSTEM sound lagged. So it's not software related, it's sound-related, and it's related to the amount of bandwidth that is coming in through the ethernet adapter.

So would anyone know of a solution to this issue?

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