(Another) Bad Pool Caller - permanent loop fault preventing access to Win 7 :(


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Tks :)
Hi guys
I've just run into this problem again today but in a much worse fashion than ever before - not 100% sure it was this particular error msg I got on the prior BSOD but I did have a BSOD flag up which restarted the system but things were fine after that (many weeks ago), but this one caused some kind of graphics fault and I can't now bypass that to even get into Win 7. It basically gets as far as the login page but doesn't really load it properly and the screen just keeps flashing preventing you from ever being able to log in.

At the time it happened, I'd just begun to burn a 2nd DVD with no other programs running although the machine had been running overnight for some minimal torrent uploading (no downloads) using Vuze. I've burnt plenty of stuff on the DVD player recently without any difficulty. However, I have been having a rash of various program crashes on and off of late.

I'd only reinstalled Windows about 2 months ago so it shouldn't have picked up quite as much dross as it had prior. No other obvious info I can give on a likely cause unfortunately, as I really couldn't see anything in particular that could have done this - I've not installed anything over the past week at least if not longer, and certainly no hardware changes.

System info:
CPU: Core 2 Duo E7400 / 2x2.8GHz
MBD: Socket 775 MicroATX/FoxConn A6VMX
HDDs: 3 x SATA - 1 x Win 7/ 1 x XP/ 1 x Data
DVDRW - Super Writemaster (? speed)
Graphics - ATI Radeon X1200 series
- Belkin Play

- Win 7 Professional
AV - AVG latest
MS Office 10 beta

Hopefully that's all you need and hopefully I've attached the minidump properly. I'm using XP currently but it's rather minimal as I'd stripped out almost everything from it to gain some space earlier in the year before I invested in the larger Data drive.

Anyway - any help much appreciated as always.
Thanks, Romayne

View attachment TKR99.zip

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Hello and welcome. Not a problem as I've moved it for you.

You are having an issue with your C-Media audio driver. Wow, this driver is ancient!

cmaudio cmaudio.sys Mon Nov 18 02:51:39 2002

But according to this page, you don't even have C-Media. You have Realtek.

Foxconn - Products: Motherboard

So boot to safe mode and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and rename cmaudio.sys to cmaudio.BAK.

While there, also delete this very old troubled driver:

pcouffin pcouffin.sys Tue Dec 05 09:39:53 2006

Reboot and install this:



Very old video card driver too:

atikmdag atikmdag.sys Fri Apr 24 06:50:20 2009

Update it from here:

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM


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Thanks SO much for shifting the post - could have kicked myself for doing that, as I'd just read the post where you'd suggested setting up this section so meant to look for it and then promptly forgot LOL!

Anyway - you're right - I do indeed use Realtek most likely - used to have Cmedia on but unsure why or how it got into my latest installation which was a clean one but perhaps crept in with some older software possibly.

I probably should have updated a heap of my drivers but having previously had problems where new ones killed my system or the particular hardware I've been rather wary and now just forget about them altogether. But you've encouraged me a ton - had worried perhaps I was heading towards yet another reinstall and really didn't fancy having to go down that route again.

Intriguing how some of these are fine 99% of the time and then just decide enough's enough and fold the whole system!!

Ok - heading off for tea shortly so will get stuck into all of that when I get back up and come back to you with an update in an hour or so.

Thanks again, Romayne

You're welcome. What I've mentioned are the only steps needing to be done or updates applied. Everything else is great 100%.


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Wonderful - working once again, only without sound - I'd totally forgotten that I actually DO have a CMedia soundcard installed only because (believe it or not) I get FAR better sound quality using it than the onboard which is obviously the RealTek. Can't remember how to get the CMedia to take precedence over it as I presume that's what I now need to do?

However, don't want to be dealing with continual BSOD's if I don't have to so just trying to find out whether I can get the CMedia updated - doesn't overly look like it on their site as the last OS they seem to support is XP -not even Vista. While it's worked quite well until now without any obvious problems, I presume I'd be safer off not continuing on with it if I don't want to have further crashes?

In the meantime I'll have another go with the Realtek tomorrow maybe when I've more time to play about with it - catching up on all I didn't get done earlier :) Great to know though that that's the only issue I currently really have :)

No way you get better sound quality. Realtek HD is top notch, by all means. C-Media is ancient and not even in the HD standard. (I'm an audiophile and professional musician with a home studio.)

Use onboard audio. :)

You're welcome.

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LOL - figured you might say that, but for whatever reason, the 3 times I've used it the sound has been very tinny and very low volume which has driven me nuts so I always ended up switching back to the soundcard. If there was some way to boost the volume further I'd be happy, but I need HIGH volume as I work away from the PC and like to be able to hear podcasts - even with the soundcard it's sometimes tough on lower volume recordings, but nowhere near as bad as the Realtek had been. BUT I'm happy to try and see if perhaps the updated drivers have made any difference - if not - any suggestions for a *cheap* (under £30 if poss) soundcard I could perhaps invest in to try that might prove a bit better for the purpose? :)

Realtek HD is obviously in HD spec. The output level range from min to max is exactly what it should be.

If you want to hear things louder/clearer, then what's needed are a better amplifier and speakers.


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Probably sounds hard to believe but you are the first person who's actually stated exactly what I need i.e. new speakers!! - I'd asked a similar question on other PC forums a year or two ago because of this issue of low sound and nobody would ever reply so I long gave up worrying - know it makes sense but sometimes the simplest solution is the one we least look at :) :).

But thanks again - you've not only solved my main problem, but in so doing, have also solved a 2nd one I've long struggled over, so triple thanks!!! You're a credit to this forum and I for one appreciate the time you're putting into helping those like me who've got stuck - run a forum myself for one of my (many) rheumatic conditions and so know how tough it can be to always be there to help when needed.

But think that's me hopefully sorted for the foreseeable at least. :)

Awesome. It's people like you that I enjoy helping the most, that obviously appreciates it greatly and returns the favor to other people with your own area of expertise.

Thanks for the kind words and hope things continue to go well for ya there. If not, you know we're here. :)

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