Another "My Computer is slow" thread

I know you guys must see a thousand of these every day, but bear with me. I have an HP EliteBook 8530p running the latest Windows 7 Professional. Here are my hardware specs:

My Hardware

4 gigs of RAM (replaced a year ago)
Intel Core2 Duo (2.9 ghz)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
Hard drive was replaced a year ago

I have the laptop connected to a Acer monitor, and I am using a wireless Microsoft mouse and a wired Microsoft keyboard.

My Problems

The computer ran fine for the past year. However, within the past two months it has been slowing down considerably. A program that normally takes 10 seconds to open took about a minute to open today. Programs will randomly freeze up, and sometimes when I enter text it will lag heavily. I highly doubt this is normal, as my other computer, a Dell desktop of the same age, shows no lag at all running the same programs.

My Attempted Fix

I run CCleaner, Spybot S&D, Webroot SecureAnywhere (passive protection), and Microsoft's defragmentation tool weekly. None of these have solved the problem. I ran memtest64 to diagnose my RAM, but that was fine. SpeedFan revealed that my hard drive was fine and operating normally. I decided the next thing to do was start monitoring my computer using perfmon. The only thing I found was that Webroot SecureAnywhere would sometimes jump up in CPU usage, though this never caused a freeze up. When there were freeze-ups, the application in question would spike to about 60%, but that didn't really tell me anything new.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. It's definitely been slowed down rather suddenly, and it continues to get slower. However, none of the basic checks have revealed anything. What do you guys recommend?



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I've had similar "jump up in CPU usage" problems with some background programs, some of them in the security. Have You tried to turn off Webroot SecureAnywhere? Only takes a second...

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