another network prob


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My main pc (xp) conects to the net via a cat7 to the cable modem.
Lappy (win 7) conects to the cable modem via wireless
that part is fine and all works well
the problem
i was able to share files on xp box, so i could mod and view them on lappy.
lappy was, as needed the printer box.
all worked well..
xp box died and had to reinstall.
both lappy and xp see the net.. however i cant get the lappy (win 7)
to find the xp box. have tried everything i can think of, and even things i have read from here .


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After 2 days i had a prob with Nortons internet security.
Uninstalled it and wow i have communication between the 2 machines again :)


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Maybe you should choose a new username for the forum, because obviously the one you have doesn't fit. Congrats on resolving your own issue and thanks for posting back with your solution. You may want to take a look at Microsoft Security Essentials as an alternative for your antivirus product, seems to work fine out of the box and many have found it to be a satisfactory substitute.
Thanks for joining the forum and I hope to continue to see you around.

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