Another Random Freeze Thread


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Hi guys
Im using windows 7 64bit build 7100
PC specs are
Phenom 2 955BE
4gig ddr3 1333mhz
Gigabyte Nvidia 275gtx
WD 500gig Sata
Asus Xonar u1

I got this comp about 2 months ago and had windows 7 on it since the start, at first i was getting maybe 1 freeze a day but now its probly about 4-5 times a day all at random intervals, while browsing, while gaming, couple times just after start up before anything even opened, ive tested everything from the hd to the ram, comps running about 40-45 degrees, so i doubt its a hardware problem.
Also tried alot of the stuff posted on the forums, like putting power options to max, downloading the latest windows 7 drivers for all my hardware and im just stuck dunno what to do really, this may be a long shot but any tips and advice would help.


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Hi char0x,
Is your Bios up to date? I'd check, even though your mobo it isn't old it still might not have the latest bios installed..

Try running chkdsk with the box ticked for repairing broken sectors.

Let us know if the above helped or that you need further asistance..:)


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The chkdsk was fine, and ill update my bios after i get home from work tonight and keep you posted if the problem still consists.

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