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An issue of a friend, who just bought a brand new Gateway NV5378u which had Windows 7 pre-installed.

When he first turned it on, the Internet did not connect. We later found out it was an issue with the router, which is on the compatibility list but was not, for some reason, being compatible. Said router is a 2WIRE 2701HG-D. While the computer could find the router, the message "was unable to connect to 2WIRE481" would keep popping up. After that, he went to the network and sharing center to set up a new network or connection. He then clicked manually set up connection, where he put in the 2WIRE WEP code and it registered as the main network connection, but the computer couldn't find it and now cannot find the connection at all.

He also encountered two blue screens of death. The first one was uninstalling the items that the quest quickconnect had him install before sending him to a dead end. The second one occurred after he tried to restore the computer to how it was before those items were installed: the computer restarted, as it was starting up, it BSOD'd.

He also mentioned that something appears to require troubleshooting, but when he tries to troubleshoot, Windows says it can't. He can't remember what exactly needed troubleshooting at the moment.

Other than the Internet issues and the BSODs which happen when trying to fix said Internet issues, the computer works fine. Any ideas on how to fix the thing?


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What is this compatibility list you speak of?
You should read the users guide of the router to find out the default gateway, it will usually be something like or .2
Now go to that address in your browser, from here you can manually configure the router correctly. It actually takes no configuration within Windows.
If you're having problems, post back and I'll see if I can dig up some info on your router.

As for the BSOD, can't really help you without any technical information, but from my experience, also owning the NV53 series as my primary computer and reading reports from others, BSOD's are common on some models, just some problem Gateway caused themselves, unless you get it everytime you boot, it shouldn't be top priority. I'll ask the user TorrentG to help you out in this department, as I have yet to learn much about troubleshooting them.

Cheers :)
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If you are trying to use WEP, this must be a wireless connection. Can you connect if hard wired?

Have you opened MSconfig.exe and checked to see if the utilities you attempted to remove still show some component during boot? To help with the BSOD, you will need to attach one of the mini-dump files, and I believe there is a tutorial about how to do that.



I would check with the manufacturer's page of the router for the latest firmware and install it.

Here's how to post the crash dumps for analysis:

Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump then copy the files from there to any other folder. Rar or zip the files. Attach the compressed file to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.