Another sound problem

hey everyone,

As most of you know audio has been a problem for a lot of people. Well i have read through a lot of problems and im having just a minor problem with sound. All the drivers are working and widows is detecting everything just fine, i can even look under the volume adjestments and see the sound being produced... but... I am gettin no output to my speakers! I've read through a lot of forums and tried both xp and vista drivers along with the recommended 7 drivers, all work but im getting no output through my integrated speakers.

I am running a Toshiba u205-5002 with a ACPI x86 motherboard and soundmax it just not working for me. I am at a loss of what to do. i don't get any program sounds whatsoever, no startup, nothing. All device managers say the devices are working properly and it detects the speakers just fine. I am also not gettin any output to my headphone jack either.

I anyone has any kind of solution for this let me know. btw i am using the 32 bit 7000 build...

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i have the same problem. when i turn on windows, i have sound normally, but after some time, without any reason, the speakers won't output the audio anymore, but windows thinks everything is working fine. i am using the 7100 64-bit build and i have a P5KPL/1600 mother board with integrated audio thought sp/dif port to a home theater


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I think I am having the same problem as stated above. I notice though, that the sounds that are affected are those coming from (a) removable devices, i.e. DVDs or CDs, or (b) websites, i.e. embedded video from youtube,, etc. When I am having problems with those, I can troubleshoot by immediately opening the sample mp3 files on the computer, or even moving the volume control slider up and down in the task bar. Those sounds continue to play normally, but the other sounds are inaudible. Any thoughts? Nothing appears wrong in the device manager, so I have no clue what this is or even where to start looking.

Sound problem

I got a problem today with my audio, when I hear to a song, even a very small sound (for example yahoo instant message sound) will lead my media player stop automatically,or for other players the sound will become very week however the sound volume is 100%..:frown:. plz help me


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I'd either check your system bios and see if it needs updating (manufacturers website) or see if an updated driver is available..

you all need to state what sound device you have ie a SoundMax AD1988B hd audio

@bundy check Asus's web site your audio driver is there latest version is dated 21- 09-2009

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