Another thread about high CPU usage

Hi, I realise there are a million of these threads on here about CPU usage but I have checked several and they don't seem to fix my issue.

Basically my CPU usage hits 100% a lot. Usually I am not doing much. Listening to Itunes and using firefox or vlc player. All of a sudden the sound becomes all distorted and sometimes even slows down. Check my processes and the CPU is at 100%. The processes nowhere near add up to 100%. They barely hit 30%. Firefox will be using the most but rarely does it go higher than 20%. The rest of the processes are doing nothing. Memory is also fine.

I have degfragged and stopped indexing. I don't have many superfluous processes/services running (apart from whatever nonsense Itunes runs as it moans when I turn it off). All drivers are up to date. I am waiting for it to happen now so I can screenshot it but obviously it won't now. :mad:

I have a Toshiba L350D laptop
Windows 7 32bit
AMB Athlon Dual-Core 2.10ghz
3gig ram

Thanks for any help

If the processor is showing 100% usage, no matter what for any reasons at all under the sun (no exceptions), the task manager will show what is using the cpu time.

Make sure you have "Show processes from all users" checked at the bottom of the task manager to see everything.

Uninstall your current antivirus in safe mode with the tool you can Google and find. Reboot and install MSE.

Joe S

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Do you use any type of automatic backup software? The WD Smartware is notorius for this high usage.

I don't think I have any backup software running.

So it seems that an svchost is the thing causing the problem. It runs the following services. Any way to calm it down?

Thanks dudes

Also when it starts happening the fan starts getting mental loud. There is no reason why it would be overheating so I don't think it;s that,

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