Another type of black screen


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Ok so I tossed and old box together to see how old a machine W7 will install 2.

1ghz Athlon
1.5G PC133 ram
80 gig IDE

Boots no problem from the dvd, I get to the starting windows part and the win7 logo appears, the screen then goes black, I get a white pointer arrow and thats it... It just sits there doing nothing. 0 activity. Black screen, white pointer. Pointer moves but nothing happens.

Anyone encounter this, and find a fix?


Do you have two displays?


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I fixed the issue. I had 3 sticks of crucial 512 in it. 2 of them are the same, the third is not from the same run. I removed the odd one, moved the 2 into slots 1+2, now its working fine...


wow, talk about finicky.

ihad same issue

with a stick of 512 PC3200 AMP brand ram. Once removed, installation was a breeze

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