Another Vista freezing problem

Hello everyone, new to the forums and in need of some help obviously. Just recently my Vista has been freezing up after booting. I had noticed this when I have been using my laptop as an alarm clock one night and didn't go off in the morning because my computer has froze and the only way out of it was to hold the power button. This wasn't the first time I used my laptop as an alarm clock so I decided that it couldn't be the program. When booting in safe mode, it will lag at the crcdisk, but runs fine with no freezing after booting. I have yet to try booting with the network turned on unfortunately. I plan to do that today after school. On another note, I've had this computer for over a year now and did a complete format once, about 6 months ago, and ever since then it has ran fine until now.

As I was running some experiments on what could make my Vista freeze, it was like it would happen in stages. My first run started when I opened Firefox, after bootup, and that would run fine for a few minutes then freeze, with the flickering of (Not responding) in the title on top of the screen. After Firefox froze I would click my start menu and that would open and run fine for a few seconds but then that would freeze. Finally, my mouse wouldn't respond and alt+ctrl+del would not respond as well. Leaving me with the power buttong as my solvent.

On my second attempt, I closed every program that would startup and didn't touch my laptop until everything had been booted. Still same response, but it took longer to freeze.

After that second attempt, I would switch from safe mode and regular startup, removing software one at a time in reverse order of installation that I did in the past week. The only thing I could remember was AVG and a few updates. Still freezing. May I include that in this same week, a few days before all the freezing happened, I had some issues with AVG uninstalling and did a bunch of "AVG fixes" including registry clearing/fixing, removing hidden folders containing AVG names in the folder name, turning off UAC and windows defender temporarily, and removing AVG folders/programs from the system registry thingy. Before I did all that I made a restore point to go back to if I blew my computer up. After successfully removing AVG and installing the computer ran fine for a few days.

After a few attempts of trying to fix it myself, I had tried to use the restore point from before uninstalling AVG because everything had been running fine then, just AVG wouldn't uninstall, and yet I still get the same freezing problems. Now I'm stuck in a rut and would like some advice on how to fix this.

Here are some system specs:

Vista x32 Home Premium (I believe)

Sony Vaio, standard FZ180 version.

Latest Office Products
Some video games

I also apologize for the lengthy back story. :p


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Hi! In your event viewer, what are the errors that are listed?

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