another Windows 7 freeze intalling

I am doing a clean install, Windows 7 from XP.

Like many here I can get to the completing installation point before the installation freezes.

It seems to be going well then it re-boots, at this point the display is a smaller format and the cusor freezes and the installation haults.

I suspect that the graphics card might be the problem, GenForce 9800GTX.

I have tried a few of the related fix's without help yet.

Kind of wondering if this is worth the trouble.




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As you probably suspect, there may not be a good solution, but it is hard if you have not experienced the problem. There have been many threads about your problem.

So, assuming you have read and tried those solutions, I would probably get a cheap replacement video card and try that.

Microsoft talks about files like setupact.log which should give guidance as to what might be wrong.

If you can get into one of the boot options menus, but hitting F8 or hitting the space bar over and over, you might see if you can find the use base video or ignore driver signing and try those.

In some cases, the install is far enough along to go ahead and boot into Win 7, but you will need to boot to the install DVD, go to the second page and select Repair. If it sees a Win 7 Install, it might work to do a startup repair. Might take several times.

Could you give me the exact make and model of your video card...I might go get one to test...

Sorry I do not have a "this will fix it" type of answer, but good luck. I guess a question might be, did the compatibility checker have any problems with your setup?

Thanks for the reply Saltgrass!!

I have tried some of the fix's here, still working on others.

My video card is a XFX GeForce 9800GTX, Windows adviser shows that it is compatible with Windows 7.

So, the search goes on for a fix to this installation.

Thanks again for your help.



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Just had another confirmation that disabling the network adapters in the Bios, allowed for a completed install.

NewEgg says the card is currently unavailable, but I will keep looking. You aren't overclocking it are you?

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I'm not sure how to do this, can you tell me how to go about it??



I ge
t to the point where it is completing installation and it re-boots, then it is as if you changed the resolution of the display.(smaller)

Is it normal for the resolution to change?

Just trying to figure out if the video/graphic card is causing the install to freeze.




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I'm not sure how to do this, can you tell me how to go about it??
Not completely sure what "it" is, but if you mean turning off the Network adapters, go into the bios and disable it or them if you have more than one. Each Bios is different but the adapter is probably under the peripherals.

If you mean changing resolution, I need to work on that. You can get menus after a reboot to allow for using base video, but I have never been able to use it to see if it might work. I'll get back on this.

OK All,

I finally got it going.

Here is what solved my problem,
I went out and bought a cheap video card and installed it, then after I got the install going I un-plugged all of my USB cables.
I had supected that my video card was the problem.

Once I get it all settled down I am going to try to re-install my old video card in and see if it will work.

Thanks again for all the help I received here.


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