another windows "missing operating system" issue - please help!!

Hey everyone,

So here is my problem. I was refastening my wireless card after taking the precautions of turning my system off and ground myself (literally a simple 1 minute project)..what happened next was that i must have touched something (I have no idea what, I thought i just tapped my mobo real quick) and the computer miraculously turned on, however what came up was my mother board interface and options to mess with my bios settings) and if i didn't access those settings it would just take me to a screen that said "operating system missing" .

so thinking it was just some wierd glitch i restarted my comp but it happened again. Then i consulted the internet to see what other people did who have had this problem. One problem i found was that it might have been trying to boot from other drives, like my external so i unplugged my external and restarted it...still nothing...

then i read that maybe my boot drive got switched from my Hd's to something else like the disk drive, i checked this and it did seem that something was weird in the boot 1 slot so i switched that out with my HD's and restarted, still nothing.

then i read to trouble shoot i should switch the boot to my disk drive and try to run the OS off the disk and repair it that way...tried to do that and still nothing....actually things got for some reason i can't even access my BIOS settings and I am completely lost.

somethings that might be handy....the install disk i have is actually windows vista x64...i digitally upgraded to windows 7 x64

I run two HD's in raid

any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the novel i just felt it was important to explain every detail



I was able to boot from the disk...however I have some concerns on what I should do next. like it sais above i was using windows 7 x64 but that was a digital upgrade from vista...should i just try and run the repair from the vista disk or is there someway i might have access to a windows 7 recovery program via burning to a disk or idk



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After you installed Win 7 you did not make a Win 7 recovery disc? In what from was the Win 7 upgrade, or from where did you get it and in what format?

You can download a Win 7 recovery disk from this link. It is a torrent, I believe.

If you have any friends that have a Win 7 Install DVD version of your system, you should also be able to use that.


so i got a disk and tried a couple different things, 1 i just treid a disk repair and that did not work, it simply said ti couldnt be fixed, also i tired to do some command prompt stuff by typing in the command c:/f/r and that showed me a prompt that said something allong the lines of "raw disk......", idk it didnt fear is that my disks are completely fried and i might need to buy new ones, the problem with this is i dont have my key code for windows 7...can i get this from microsoft if i caLL SUPPORT?

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