Anoying Blue Screens- really grateful for help :D

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by xHanzx, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Ok so i'm not great when it comes to IT, i aplogise now for lack of knowledge or not giving enough information!

    Heres the deal, my laptop keeps coming up with blue screen, all the time. I find it is only happening when i'm on the internet, which is wireless. When i was at Uni i had to connect it, Dial up style and i had no problems what so ever with blue screens. Now im home i get them all the time, sometimes up to 8 times a day at least if i have my laptop on and am on it all day. The messages are not always the same. I'm afraid i haven't been writing them down but 2 i have had multiple times are:


    Ive been researching and found that overheating can cause problems, my laptop gets really hot. But surely if its from overheating i would have had problems when i was a Uni. I even proved that it was something linked to the wireless by bringing it home a few times in between uni and the blue screens would occur, then went back to Uni and nothing. How do i stop them from happening?? Any advice?

    Thank u!!!
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    Do you have SP1 installed?

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