Windows 7 anti-virus problems


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Mar 6, 2009
Ok Im running win7 build 7057 x32 for a week now, I started with Norton internet security 09. I had to restart my computer after i ran the liveUpdate thing. The computer boots and shows the Win7 splash screen but then goes blank like it ususally does then comes back up with the mouse only. Does not goto the login screen at all. I restarted in safe mode and then uninstalled Norton and then restarted again, It boots perfectly fine after the uninstall. Any suggestions? Im thinking i need to move to a different anti-virius provider, i dont really want to so if anyone knows how to work around this please let me know.



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Jan 12, 2009
maybe consider a switch to Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE ;)

I personally resent having to use an antivirus so my choice for a few years now has been antivir which is light and unobtrusive with a splash screen that pops up everytime your virus definitions update and that's it :cool:


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May 1, 2008
I stay away from it, but, from what I read, Norton seems to be having some problems catching up with Windows 7.
My choice, also unobtrusive if you set it up right, is Avast. (Free -Perdsonal)
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