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i would like to know that which antivirus will be more effective for vista.i have norton but seems to be less effectve..


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I tried Nortons about 8 years ago and said NEVER again. I haven't either! ;)

I'm using the free AVG for now with Vista 64 and it's working great.

On my XP Pro machines I've used CA (zone alarm) internet suite for the last 4 years and have not had an infection yet.

thankx nolan for ur wonderful support.thhs type of response should be needed will be effective.thank u once again.:cool::rolleyes:


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Hello from a newby, and very much so. Ref the antivirus question; I had AVG on last pc, and was very pleased at its thoroughness and efficiency. However, havent yet installed it on new pc with its Vista Home premium, because, I caught a glimpse elsewhere of a comment stating that AVG firewall does not work work under Vista, although it appears as if it does. If this is true, will the antivirus aspect work? Regards, Tyro


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Hi Tyro, I would think the AVG anti virus would still work but there is another complete solution that I'm hearing good things about.

Since your running Vista Home which I assume is the 32 bit version check out the link below.
ESET NOD32 and Strike Down Malware
ESET NOD32: Antivirus Software

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