Windows 8 anti virus


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I have Win 8.1 and don't like what I have been reading about Defender.

Could I get a time tested opinion about a free a/v and firewall combo?

I have MBAM with SpywareBlaster and Defender. if you think that is good enough please comment.
Ah....the great AV debate...yet again. You have people swear by one and others will say it's's just a matter of personal preference and what the latest AV test reports say. My motto is; free is always better.

Personally I use MS Defender coupled with MB Pro, MS firewall, and a few other malware/spyware cleaners....and I've yet to have a problem.
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It seems we are about on the same page except for your pro version of MBAM.
I have not had issues either so will stay with what I have.
Win 10 May have different protection.