Windows 7 Antivirus 360- very advanced infection.

A buddy of mine asked me to fix his computer. It apparently froze up randomly- it did not matter what he was doing. When I went on his PC, I discovered Antivirus 360 on his computer, along with another fake AV. It took about half an hour to download Malwarebytes anti-malware because the browser was being redirected every other time I went to a different page. I tried to install and run it, with no success. I tried booting into safe mode and deleted the program files and registry entries Antivirus 360 called home. I could not run any AV in safe mode, so I booted up normally to see if I had at least made a dent in the virus. It did not. Interestingly enough, there were much more popups when networking was turned on.

The infection is probably much worse since he got suckered in to paying for a registered subscription of Antivirus 360. I could not remove the infection, so I told him to go to a professional, but forgot to tell him not to turn on networking or the virus would download more trojans. He called me two days later to tell me he cannot start it up at all.

Re-formatting the disk is not optional, partly because of the hundreds of dollars of downloaded porn on his computer, which was also the cause of the virus.

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