Antivirus Issue

Hi All,

I have been running Windows 7, build 7000 since it was made available. I have had antivirus issues off and on since day one and now, I have another one.

I originally started with FreeAVG, however after a month, I was getting a BSOD whenever I had a mapped drive. I had issues when I un-installed FreeAVG so I switched to ESET without any issues. I applied a MS patch which addressed the mapped drive BSOD, so all was well.

I was also using ColdFusion Developer without any issues until recently. I started getting strange connection refused errors and I started exploring my ESET Firewall settings.

As a test, I tried to un-install ESET to see if my ColdFusion server started to work, however I got an error message stating that ESET was not completely un-installed. I did, reboot, re-install and un-install again, without any success.

Here is my issue, I have ESET un-installed so I am currently running without any virus protection. Windows 7 used to alert me when I was running without any anti-virus protection. Since my ESET un-install did not execute successfully, I am guessing there must be something still installed.

I have gone through the registry, re-booted multiple times and ran CCleaner without any success. Somehow, Windows 7 is detecting a anti-virus application installed and running.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you,


have you tried the install/unninstall as admin ?

if you do need a virus solution I personally can't fault antivir personal free :cool:

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