VIDEO Anunnaki Structures Before the Flood


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'ppreciate your post here, whooosh … haven't been keeping up with "ancient-aliens" programming lately … and been wondering, same as many other terrestrials, what the original structure in puma-punku coulda' looked like … hence, yet another satisfying rendition within this video. doubtful we ever will know as to the exact "machining" utilized in those giant building blocks … but i'm leaning more toward a "stamping/embossing" process rather than "etching/modulating" fractals.

unfortunately, the link is broken for youtube's F-V9Ro7YHOs … the website suggesting member "UFO mania" has closed his account. seems all he did was recreate another account … perhaps copyright infringement or similar? idk

here is his new link for what appears to be same video: youtube's 4Mmat6SdOE8:hide:

p.s. if anyone downloads a hd version of the video … gimme' a holler.

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