Any chance of repairing these corrupt files?

I was using GParted to grow a partition and about 5% into the grow process I canceled it, because it was taking an amazingly long time to do 30+ estimated hours for a 140gb grow...seemed ridiculous to me. Anyways after I restarted chkdsk ran and went through the HD and finished and then windows booted up. However all the files on that HD now are corrupt. The music isn't recognized by any players, text documents won't open, movies won't open, and some files/folders are missing there any chance of repairing these files? And if there is, how would I go about doing it?

Thanks for the help but that looks like it can only recover media files, and I am not concerned about losing those. XD Anyways I need more of a file repair program. :p


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I would never use a 3-party program when Windows 7 disk Management does the same thing.:)

How about a system restore?

Unfortunately it was storage drive and I don't believe I had system restore turned on. However once I can access the computer again(sent in some bad memory for RMA) I will check/try that.

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