Any file downloaded will not open causing errors

On the pc everytime a file is downloaded it is not able to run. Examples windows updates will not install adobe update gives an integrity error. This computer was just put on the Internet for the first time this week I'm thinking its an ISP error but if it's an issue within the computer what could be causing it. A disk check was ran and came up with no errors all cookies and temp files were deleted. None of these fixed the problem and the ISP is going to be called but I just wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas.


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Have you tried turning off the anti-virus?

If you open the Network and Sharing Center, and select your Local Area Connection, or Wireless connection, there is a diagnose button, you might try that.

You can download Windows Updates manually and install from the hard drive, you might try that.

there is no antivirus install since it has never had internet. i dont know if downloading them manually will help since everything i try to download give me an error when i try to run it. its acting like the files are not downloading completely. im sure if i had a md5 checker they would all be wrong. but i will try to manually download and install the windows updates.

I know one thing I would have installed an Anti Virus Package before down loading anything from Internet except for Antivirus package. I would suggest if yoiu can download MSE Microsoft Security Essentials on another computer to a flash drive and install it on your computer.


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While you are doing that, If you open the Resource Monitor, try watching the Network tab and see if any dropped packets or extremely long latencies show up.

Depending on the type of internet service you have, other things may be happening. For instance, if you have DSL and there is noise on the phone line, it can cause problems.

You might also look for a driver update for your network adapter.

so i have tried many anti viruses MSE can't update. malwarebytes cant update.. network adapters are up to date. and latencies are fine.

im starting to think its a registry issue. we have put it on another network and its still having the same issues.

is there anything that could be causing this in the registry?


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Go to Ping Test and run the diagnostics then come back here and post the results. - The Global Broadband Quality Test

If you connection is ok then you may have malware, and should open Windows in safe mode and run Malwarebytes.

If you can, download in on another computer and run it from a thumb drive.


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i already tried to download malwarebytes. it trys to connect to the web and then it gives your an error. but i will do the ping test.


its has to be a hardware issue. i just dont know exactly what im running memtest86 on to see if it comes up with anything.

I'm 99% sure its hardware because i formated and reinstalled windows 7 64bit on the PC and instantly i had the same issue.

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It really sound to me like you have some kind of malware.

Download Malwarebytes on another computer then run it in safe mode from a flash drive.

When you log in in safe mode select Safe Mode with Networking.
This will let Malwarebytes update.

Also look in Network options accessed from you browser and check to see that your Lan setting are set to Automatic.

Some malware changes this and stops you from accessing sites it doesn't want you to go to.


How is it malware when i formatted the PC and reinstalled windows?


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If it's a hardware issue like a bad network card it seems like the ping test should show some errors.

I've seen some people having this that said that updating the firmware for the routers solved the problem. You could give that a try.

What did the Ping Test show?

You should still run Malwarebytes in safe mode to see whether you have malware.
If it comes up clean that eliminates some possibilities. If you can't run it in safe mode that's weird.

Do web pages open up normally, without errors?

Have you tried using a different browser, like Google Chrome?

What are your firewall settings?

Is this a wireless or hard wired connection?
My cordless phone interferes with my wifes wireless connection.
I can't use it at the same time she is browsing without causing problems.

What are your computer specs?


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i cant run ping test because it requires java and flash player. i can download both but it wont let me install them because corrupt file.

probably not a router issue since we have it on our work network now with 50-100 pcs not having a problem.

i cant install malwarebytes (well i can isntall it but when i try to run it tryes to update and then i get an error.) then i can no longer click the exe. (says i have to update malwarebytes before i can run it)
i was able to run Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. but it didnt come up with any issues.

the firewall is turned off now (just in case it was causing issues.) but the problem continues.

the pc is hardwired.

I have updated all the hardware to the latest version.

Mobo:Evga nForce 750i SLI ATX

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT

Ram: Kingston ValueRAM 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory Model KVR667D2N5/2G

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.80GHz Processor - BX80569Q9550

Network Card: (attached to MOBO)
Realtek RTL8168B-811B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ether Nic (NDIS 6.20)

Power Supply:
OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply

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It seems you are indicating that you have updated your integrated wired NIC to the latest drivers available. But just to make sure, please check here and make sure.
If you are still having issues please type
device manager
into the search box and hit enter
expand network adapters
select the problem NIC, right click and choose properties
Select the "Advanced Tab" near the top of the resultant dialog box and then
In the left "Property" column select
Speed & Duplex
In the right "Value:" column use the drop down arrow to change to 10Mbps / Half Duplex
OK your way back out of there and reboot the computer.
Let us know if that helps at all.


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Hi again.

I found this...

All downloaded .exe files are corrupt.


The problem was the ActiveArmor SNE (Secure Networking Engine).

Shut it off in the Forceware Network Access Manager.

(Start\Programs\NVIDIA Corporation\Netware Access Manager\Web-Based Interface)

See if that makes any sense.


I did install the lastest version of the drivers again (didnt work)

I changed the Speed & Duplex to 10Mbps / Half Duplex (didnt work)

Network Access Manager is not installed. its a package in the Motherboard update but when i even ran the exe it says i cant install it.


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At this point the only thing I can think of is to install a PCI network card and see it that solves the problem.

I still think it's weird that it only effects downloaded files and not you connection as a whole but I see other people having similar problems.

You may have been right all along and it is a hardware issue.
Since the problem seems to block all means of testing it, (the reason that it sounds like malware to me) then maybe a new network adapter is the answer.

I don't know anyway to check it but to try it.

At least they aren't very expensive.
This one gets very high ratings.
But there are a lot of choices. Startech 10/100BT PCI Fast Enet Network Card: Electronics

Other then that I don't know what else to try, I'm a lot more of a software then a hardware person.


-update- it was the network card. we got a new NIC and we where able to install updates. without a problem. now its freezing though some im going to make sure all the hardware is up to date. before i start asking why its freezing.

(just saw your post.) some reason it wasnt showing up unless i closed and reopened the forum.

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