Windows 7 any help please BF2 ,tigerwoods 2005


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Mar 29, 2009
started with fresh install win 7 ,tried to install bf2 gets to last 10 sec of install and stops wont install anyone had this prob as it seems people are running bf2 on win 7
Also tiger 2005 installed but wont run have tried compat mode gets to start screen then drops out,so seems TW2005 doesnt work
Funny older games do like age of empires 1 & 2 and expnsn do, so does css does, about to try EE3
empire earth 3 works

age of empires 1,2 +exp
empire earth
combat flight sim 2 wwII pacific
cfs3 battle for europe
diablo 2+exp , with patches
Tiger W 2005 in vista mode no admin
BF2 in vista as admin(explore cd, change bf2.exe into vista compat mode or xp, run as admin)

not working
tigerwoods 2005 error in compat mode 98/me( mem_bad_pointer ) now working
diablo 2+exp without patches

x64 based
64 bit win 7 6.1.7048
k9a2 plat microstar ms-7376
amd quad 2.4 phenom
4gb gskill 800
3 x 3870 gigabyte
hx620w corsair
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