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    well i have a big problem. 80% of programs ive tryed to install do not work. starting from directx (im missing some files needed) to windows live Redistributable to games like gta 4 and saints row 2 and so on. i cannot get any installation except norton and aim working. i have tried running it in diffrent modes like windows xp sp2 and vista and admin rights (as well as combined). nothing seems to work. the programs i currently have installed are

    AIM (latest)
    Norton 2009 Gamers Edition
    Magic Disk
    Google Chrome

    thats it. now nothing ever wants to install. for example here are some pics of where the things would get stuck on.

    DirectX : [​IMG]

    Windows Live: [​IMG]

    Gta 4: [​IMG]

    they dont even start. they just act like they are working and nothing goese on. i left directX and live on over night. nothing changed. and those are just the few i am having problems with. also if i try to go to my D drive for exapmle form time to time a green bar on top will appear and i have to wait a looong time for it to finish doing somehting and it only opens then. is it just me with these problems? oh btw im using windows 7 Build 7000 32 bit.

    Specs: Quad Core 2.4 ghz
    Evga geforce 8600 GT
    4 gig kingston ram
    160 gig Sata Hard drive x2
    Dell Computer (originally bought it from dell in USA)
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