Windows 7 Any Tested TugZip in 7 yet?


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May 14, 2009
I was just wondering because for some reason it works for me but it won't allow me to open an archived file keeps saying file system not recognized and its a rar file so I know it's compatible used it for years with Xp no problems. If anyone has a way to fix it let me know
thank you I just tested it and it says rar file is supported but could not extract file so I guess I'll switch to XP and try tugzip there if it doesn't work then i'll redownload the file and try again
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Try going to the page itself and look over the formats.

I'm able to open RAR files perfectly well. As a matter of, Universal Extractor should have associated itself with RAR achives.

It your other program doesn't recognize the RAR format, I believe you file associations are screwed up.
yeah come to find out the file association was screwed up it works now i got it to work in Xp made a new folder on another drive and installed it in 7 without problem
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I'm just trying to figure out ahy it worked in xp but not in 7 i will have to investigate it further tonight
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