Windows 7 Any Thrilling 3rd Person Action Games?

Hey ALL,
Can somebody suggest me some 3rd Person Action Games Like Prince of Persia Series? :teeth_smile:


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Here's a few...

BTW, Mark Hamill does a great voice acting job as the Joker in the Batman game (as well as the The Animated series), and as The Watcher in Darksiders.

Batman Arkham Asylum: Batman: Arkham Asylum | Facebook
Batman Arkham City (sequel): Gameplay Trailer: Batman Arkham City Community
Darksiders, with a sidequel on the way: Darksiders II
Elders Scrolls 4 and 5: The Elder Scrolls Official Site
Fallout New Vegas: Fallout: Welcome to the Official Site
Overlord 1 and 2: Planet Overlord: Official News, Mods, Videos, Guides and News

Hope this helps.

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