any way to lock diff partition

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    windows 7

    so i have 1 HDD but 2 partitions
    1 for OS and programs
    2 for songs, movies and other garbage

    now as admin, i can lock folders on partition 1
    but for partition 2 (whole) i dont have anything to chose from
    only "Everyone" is on list and has full control

    but when i want to add (admin/owner) rights i get a dialog where i can't choose person (admin/owner)
    just some weird dialog to add object names

    and even if i write in my admin account name or Administrators
    it wont add anything and i would like to have admin only control over partition 2
    without going for each folder with user rights
    coz i have kids here that always mess things up :p
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    you could simply disable that drive when you aint using it as a temp solution or make all the drive hidden cept to admin

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