Any way to roll back Windows 7 security upgrades?

Is there any way on rolling back the security upgrades in Windows 7 or would I need to reinstall the OS?
Also can I roll back Windows 7 to Vista if I have had my Vista OS cloned onto an external hard drive?
Thank you.


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If rollback means uninstall, yes you can.

go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, click the View Installed updates and you'll find a short list that can be removed.

Truthfully, an upgrade is not the right route to take.

it leaves hundreds of useless files left on your system and can cause conflicts.

I would perform a "clean" install.

OK...thanks Reghakr...appreciate the advice...but I had a free upgrade for Windows 7 when I purchased the major problems right now...just an issue with some other software. But if I can't resolve it then I will take your advice and do a clean install.
Thanks again for your quick response.


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No problem,

Good luck:)

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