Windows Server Anybody able to identify this game?

Stormy Robbins

New Member
Okay, so I am aware that I am about to sound extremely dumb, but I am on the search for a game I played when I was a child on an older Windows system. Sadly I do not remember what OS it was (as we had a few throughout the years) and I am trying to find this game that I believe came installed on the system I owned at the time.

Here we go: basically I remember that it was a winter-themed 3D platforming game, and I believe it either involved penguins or snowmen, or maybe both. I remember there were these square tile-looking things that you had to walk across, and I believe it might have been similar to pac-man in that one of your objectives was to avoid the snowmen/penguins/whatever-they-were.

I know this is a long-shot, but I've tried searching for it and it seems near impossible. Does anybody remember this game?