Windows 7 Anybody have any thoughts on this ?

Word Up Celestra,

Yes, I would like to know about this issue also. Due to the
Fact that I also have Windows Vista Home Premium. It
came Manufactured installed with my HP/Compaq Presario
F756NR. That's it. If you have any words about this let me
or give me a private message of what's the scoop on this
new edition of this F____ed O.S.

Never Mind,:D I see my error.



Don't loan your Microsoft key out to anybody................


Radio Wales

I like to think that I am basically a honest person that pays his way and expects nothing for free - but - When I spend a lot (to me) of money on purchasing a computer system, I expect it to work for the duration of the licence that I purchased (Perpetuity!) on any one machine at a time. Being a realist, I know machines break but what has that to do with the software?

I understand Microsoft's problems, but at the end of the day they are Microsoft's problems and not mine. I expect to get what I paid for, no more, no less. Imagine, if my drivers licence only allowed me to drive one car and if it broke I'd have to get a new one to drive a rental to get myself home? I can't think of anything more absurd but it is a direct comparison.
Microsoft are not interested in my problems so why should I be interested in theirs - let alone suffer for them? If they got their money-grabbing act together and moved into the real world there might just be less piracy as people got a square deal for their cash.

Finally, I was told by Microsoft that piracy was responsible for high prices so the inconveniences I have to suffer with malfunctioning WGA stuff is necessary to arrest the piracy. They keep telling us how well they are doing so why does the software get more and more outragously expensive - especially in the UK? Windows Vista Home Premium does not work properly with Windows Home Server - It doesn't do what I bought it for - I'll need Ultimate for that! I can't afford Ultimate! So who's cheating who here?


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If they become too strict about the way they handle their anti-piracy program, they will lose a lot of customers. I think the fear of DRM (Digital Rights Management) and strict activation scared away a lot of potential Vista customers. (opinion)

I agree with Mike's opinion.


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Edd Bot's article is very old, and the problem was mostly resolved with SP1. You no longer get reduced functionality. Microsoft also state that you should have no worries if your copy is genuine. I have found this to be correct. As a business man, I would certainly examine any possibilities that existed to protect the product which, hopefully, was about to make me very rich..
Referring to the car analogy. If you study the OS Eula, you will see that you do not purchase the OS, only the right to use it ad infinitum. If you leased a car and tinkered with the engine big time,, you would be in similar trouble.
Right or wrong, Microsoft pride themselves on having a very sophisticated, working system. If computer users are unhappy with the price, something I would fully understand, there are alternatives, from free and upwards.

Radio Wales said "They keep telling us how well they are doing so why does the software get more and more outragously expensive - especially in the UK? Windows Vista Home Premium does not work properly with Windows Home Server"

Don,t quite know what the issue is with Vista Home Premium and Windows Home Server.
I have run XP, Home Premium & Ultimate with WHS without any problems.
Perhaps Radio Wales could post his problem and we will try to help.!!!!!!


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It's been a while since I read that article. isn't about people using only one copy of Window Home Office and sharing it with like several hundred employees? Or maybe friends? Microsoft is PO dd... When they find out they were going to turn their screen black (Maybe Smoke- from the sound of it) Anybody doing anything wrong on their computers same thing (We Are Watching You) Call the Cyber Police!!!!!!

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