Windows Vista anyone else has this trouble on install???


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install fails to "windows could not finish configuring the system. to attempt to resume configuration restart computer" i have more than enough to install this is a clean install on a 60 gig PATA HD. my pc is a P5N-E SLI asus MB.. 8800gt 512 MB video card. 2 gig pc6400 ram.. and theprocessor is e6850 dual core. so what gives?? i get no other info other than listed and when i reboot i get the same message.. i actualyl ended up installing it on an older pc an amd 2400+ with 1 gig pc2100 ram and 60 gig HD.. and that went fine. so why cant it install it on a new pc?? obviously one of my complaints abotu this error is that it is useless and gives no info as to what the actual problem is..
Did you use the same install disc for each machine? I had an install error that turned out to be due to an incorrectly burned disc image, which led me down a fun trail of DVD Drive firmware updates and such before I got a good copy. I didn't get the exact same error message, and obviously if the same install disc worked on another machine it is likely not the issue, but its worth looking into.

Also, if you used different discs, were they both for the same version (32 bit versus 64 bit)? And did you get separate product keys for the two different installs? These are just shots in the dark based on my install experience.
yes i only burned one disc and used the same one for both pcs. its 32 bit. and i mean it really sucks that you dont get more detail as to the configure error. i have no idea what caused it but it installed just fine on my older pc. i mean you really cant get much more abiguous for an error.
Damn, yeah that is annoying. What other OS do you have installed on the newer machine?

Also, I assume you correctly partitioned space on an internal drive for the Win7 install? I mean, if you did it once correctly on a different machine, you likely aren't missing any important details.