Anyone know how to get a xfi card to work with windows 7 64

I was running 7 32bit but upgraded to 64.After the upgrade now my pci xfi is giving me trouble.Here what I have tried so far.I tried uninstalling the the windows driver and installing the latest creative drivers.I tried disabling the the onboard audio.I tried changing pci slots.I tried running the 7 troubleshooter it redownloaded the driver which
made it produce a staticey garbled sound.Then after uninstalling the driver and went back to the onboard sound which then would not work.After a system restore I have gotten the onboard working again but still can't get the xfi to work.Does anyone know of a fix for the xfi cards?


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MS have reported this hardware as incompatible with Windows 7. Apparently the problem occurs if you have more than 4GB of RAM installed. There are two possible solutions - one is to reduce your RAM to 4GB (which rather defeats the object of running 64 bit). The other is to try a third party driver which you can download here:

SB X-Fi Series AuzenUAA Pack 1.0 (OUTDATED) - Creative Labs

I've gotten it to work with the MS windows 7 drivers, but it took me the longest to get the Utility's to work.

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