Windows 7 Anyone running 7 in VMware 6?


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Nov 10, 2008
During the initial install, I had come across a few problems as a result of poor configuration, on my part, of VM. Hard drive would not detect, USB would not read, no sound, and no internet connectivity.
So just in case, for anyone who may be installing through virtual, the settings I found to work, for the most part, are custom settings - server 2008 experimental - IDE HDD - Bridged

Anyways, I am having two issues....
1) I have no sound. My other virtual machines function perfectly.
2) Connection jumps between "local only" to "local and internet" quite often. Again, Every other OS connects fine.

I was wondering if anyone might know of a trick or a configuration I might have missed.
Well i'm not running it in VMware, instead i'm using Virtual PC 2007. I don't have audio either, but other than that everything is working as normal.
I am running 7 on 6.5 and I did have the same problems but all is running perfectly now.
Yes, IDE is the way to go for whatever reason. Also I had issues w/networking too but once I changed it from Bridged to NAT I am good to go. Make sure in Virtual Network Settings you have NAT pointing to vmnet8. I also have Use local DHCP checked and Connect a host...checked too.
Not sure about the sound tho cuz it didnt work at first but I dont recall changing the settings. Right now its set to auto detect.
good luck

7 looks like a winner
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