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Windows 7 Anyone tried to set a static page file?


New Member
Jan 10, 2009
When I try to set a static page file on C:, the Virtual Memory window will go to (Not Responding) - seemingly forever.

Try it, and let us know your findings.
Didn't even glitch for me. I've done it about a dozen times so far and haven't noticed any slowdown or hang.
Thanks for the replies. I wonder why mine is so strange.

Are either of you using a USB drive for ReadyBoost?
no problems here either, and yes i am using a usb drive for readyboost. however, speaking of that, i do have a question for any of you guys in the know...
i just bought a verbatim 16 gig usb drive, which specifically mentioned on the box that it was designed for readyboost. however, neither win 7, nor vista will let me reformat it into ntfs. it is a fat32 drive right now, and when i tried to format it into ntfs, i get an error message after a few seconds, saying that windows failed to format the drive. how can i force format this drive? because i don't guess i will get much performance out of it in the fat32 format.
All USB Flash drive cannot be format to NTFS, they are all in FAT32, and they will always be in FAT32 except if a new technology comes out. Didn't tried it yet, but maybe Windows 7 still got bugs with the ReadyBoost feature. If you try it in your Vista, does it works well?
no, vista will not do it either. however, i know that it be done, because i have a friend with one, and he had no problems with doing it. so i am working on radenights suggestions, but i need to learn how to format in imageburn.
Is your computer old enough to still have USB 1.1? It may be the cause, but I doubt you still has that kind of USB ports, sooo oldd.
SUCCESS!!! a program called winsetupfromusb knocked it out the park!!! whooooo hooooo!!!! now all of my drives are optimized and pumping lightening quick performance all through my system. thanks to radenight!!!!