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can anyone help me please, i tried to upgrade my win 7 professional edition with the ultimate edition.
the installation told me to use the Anytime Upgrade tool.
I've searched the whole computer for this tool, and didn't find a thing!
not in the start up menu not in the control panel menu and not even when i searched the windows drive (c:\)

i opened the help menu and when i chose, upgrade using the anytime upgrade, it gave me a link to the program
when i click on this link, it does nothing!

may be it doesn't turned on in the windows applications in the control panel area

i really don't know what to do and i really don't want to reinstall the whole operation system again!

thanx isri


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So you currently have a copy of the Ultimate upgrade DVD with a key?

Hit winkey + Pause and what edition do you show?

I believe you have to purchase something, like a key on the anythine upgrade program and it won't work with an Ultimate version already installed. It also says you have to be running an activated copy of the current OS.

Call or e-mail Microsoft, especially if there is a chance your Pro version might be deactivated using this procedure.
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i forgot

thanks for the reply

i forgot to say that i have an original dvd + key for both win7 pro and win7 ultimate
but when you try to install the ultimate over the pro (that currently installed on my pc)
with the installation wizard, it say's that upgrading the same windows with a different edition
is done by the Anytime upgrade utility which is not installed on my machine with the pro edition.

where is this anytime upgrade wizard????? where did it go???

and by the way, apparently Microsoft charges for support....
unless you know another customer support that doesn't cost



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I e-mailed the Microsoft store and got a response.

You need to be careful so you don't inactivate a key you might want to keep.

Activate your copy of Pro. You should then be able to use the anytime upgrade to purchase another key for $30 or so to get another key for the upgrade. According to the directions, you should be able to type "anytime upgrade" in the search box from an activated OS and start the process.

Don't use you Ultimate key for the pro install, or you will have basically paid the full upgrade price for a minor upgrade.

Or, do a custom install using you Ultimate copy. Will is work for a qualifying OS, I don't know.
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it's already activated...

and yet i don't have the wizard in my start menu...
and anywhere else
i don't know why

maybe there's a way to add this application somehow...